About Mahomet

In early Connecticut history, the family of Dr. Daniel T. Porter, ancestor of our village founder by the same name, Daniel T. Porter, was among those that settled in a small village along the Connecticut River named Mattabeseck. That emerging settlement became known to those settlers as Middletown. Another influence in Porter family history, was the Mohegan Sachem named Mamohet Weyonomon, great-grandson of the Mohegan, Sachem Uncas. Mamohet Weyonomon became well known to the colonists as “Mahomet”, an ally and negotiator for the Mohegan. The Porter families of Connecticut carried the legend of these historical names throughout their westward migration. 

In the spring of 1832, a band of settlers, including the Daniel T. Porter family, traveled from Indiana to put down roots in this Sangamon timber. They would be the first to settle along this section of the primitive trail that would become our village. It was not, though, until March 10, 1836 that Daniel T. Porter, a descendant of the Connecticut Porter family, would obtain the services of surveyor, Garrett Moore, to lay out the plat of a new village on this site consisting of 38 lots straddling the ancient trail that had become known as the Fort Clark Road. He would name this new village “Middletown” after the Middletown known by his ancestors.

Four years later, in 1840, Porter in his application for a post office, chose to call the post office “Mahomet” after the family’s historical knowledge of the Sachem known as “Mahomet.” The existence of Middletown as our village name and Mahomet as our post office name remained in place until 1871 when the newly arrived railroad insisted that the name of Middletown could not be used for the depot name due to its policy not allowing duplicate names within the same state. As a result, on March 7, 1871, Supervisor, Theodore M. Brown, presented a petition to the Board to change the name of our village. The report was unanimously approved, giving our village its historical name of Mahomet.

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